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Logistical Nightmare Racing

LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE Racing is a leading online simulation racing community in South Africa, catering to both PC online Sim Racing on the ACC platform and Console Sim Racing on the GT7 platform. We pride ourselves on being home to the finest local competitive drivers in the world of Sim Racing, while also establishing a prominent lifestyle gaming brand.

Our ultimate goal is to drive the growth and development of Sim Racing, both domestically and internationally. We strive to elevate the level of competition, engage the public, and create  opportunities that contribute to the advancement of the sport.


We are a South African based sim racing league, catering to all levels of skill and experience, also covering most major PC racing platforms. We pride ourselves on the competitive, respectful, and friendly nature of our community. We focus on having fun, building relationships, and fostering a healthy racing environment for all.


Online Karting League is a leading sim karting community committed to bridging the divide between real-life karting and sim karting. Our leagues boast comprehensive features, encompassing production, rules, and regulations, with a singular goal: to provide our members with the utmost authentic sim karting experience presently attainable.

Black Ribbon Simulations